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At the age of 13 I saw a program about making jewellry. The shining metal with precious stones and incredible forms got me hooked. I found it so fascinating and inspiring that some years later I decided to start my education as a jewelry maker.

The State Academy of Craft and Art Industry in Oslo (Statens Kunst og Håndverksskole) became my main education. After this I got my first workshop in my flat in Oslo.

Over the years I have had my workshop at a few different places. In June 2006 I started Silverland - a combined gallery and workshop situated in the city centre of Oslo near the beautiful Norwegian “Slottsparken” (The Royal Palace Park).

Materials & Tecniques
Silver is my main metal. I combine it with thread, chains, plates, pins and various half fabricks. My speciality is organic handmade molds that I create using wax. The wax molds are then developed in silver or gold. I made an angel mold some years ago  that I use a lot. I also make fossiles like ammonite, triolobite and seahorses. I use different stones, pearls, beads and crystals.
The stones were created millions of years ago. That tells us how precious they must be to us. Stones are told to have a special power in healing. For every month of the year there is a special stone.

Gudny was born in Meråker, a small town situated close to Trondheim in the centre of Norway.

Education in art
Brundalen Advertising School. Trondheim, Norway
Statens Kunst og Håndverksskole, Oslo, Norway.


Silverland - Hegdehaugsveien 14 - 0167 Oslo -Norway - mobile +47 918 27 559 - mail: gudny@gudnyrock.no. Web: