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….A family that loved music and most members played an instrument. 
Grandpa played mainly the "torader" (accordion) and made a lot of songs that some years ago  were recorded by another …… player in mid Norway.

I started early to sing like most children do. But very early, about 3-4 years old I used to sing for family and friends because I had a strong clear voice .

I was kind of shy so I didn´t like to have people to close. I went to the next room, behind a halfopen door. I early knew that  for me….to sing was something spesial. One of the most pressiours things to do.

About the age of 12,  4 girls started  “The Singing Goats” with guitars and tamburins. Some years later I still played guitar and sang. I started in a studentgroup  in Trondheim and my first single were made in –69 after a 1st
score in a rockcompetition.

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